English teacher, father, die-hard Haruki Murakami fan. Originally from darkest Barnsley in the UK, I somehow ended up living in Victoria, Australia. No, I have no idea neither.

Welcome to my blog. Hopefully, you will find something of use to your own teaching in time. No promises, though.

I have decided to start this blog because many English-teaching blogs and Twitter personalities are UK-centric, focusing on British politics and qualifications. My own posts will cover general approaches to the teaching of English, as well as more specific Australian developments. As the whole school literacy co-ordinator at my current school, I will also describe my attempts to gradually come to terms with this unwieldy beast.

All views are entirely my own and in no way represent the beliefs of my employer. All the more sensible views I offer are probably influenced by people far more insightful than me.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to share ideas or discuss any aspect of English or literacy instruction in more depth.

That said, please do not ask me to engage in the trad/prog ‘debate’ – false dichotomies serve no one in the long run.